Problems and progress in land, water and resources rights at the beginning of the third millennium - eBook

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  • Edizione: 2017|
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Problems and progress in land


The University of Milan’s SHuS (Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Sustainability and Human Security: Co-operation and Governance agendas) offers a collection of high standard contributions and testimonies of good practice analyzing the complex subjects of access to rights and resources worldwide. This to a world looking to the future and projecting its goals of sustainable development. The thirty three contributors took part in the Milan University sessions of the International Conference dedicated to Land, Water and Resources Rights, organized by the Editor under the auspices of the EU-Joint Research Centre Expo 2015 and the City of Milan Scientific Committee for Expo 2015. With no claims to being exhaustive, the multi-disciplinary approach and the inter-disciplinary perspectives adopted to the topics are enforced by suggestions for political and legal approaches that a regional structure like the EU should be adopting to prevent legitimization leading to severe forms of injustice against communities and individuals. SHuS has chosen open access to this e-book in order to create a seamless connection between scientific communities and the wider civil society. Thus it underscores one of the priorities of the Centre by ensuring the greatest possible impact of much needed multifaceted scientific approaches to society and the problems afflicting it.

Cristiana Fiamingo

Cristiana Fiamingo è ricercatore presso la facoltà di Scienze Politiche Economiche e Sociali dell’Università degli studi di Milano, dove insegna Storia e istituzioni dell’Africa e History and Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa.