Edizioni Altravista - L'uomo, la natura e il tempo


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  • The Regression Clause of iGen

    Renata Freccero

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    Today the regression clause of iGen comes from a number of elements, including the “lack of cultural capital”, because of a kind of human habit to live suspended between a real and virtual world. Investing in school sports for a longer time and more awareness promote the bodily kinesthetic intelligence and assess alterations in favour of better physical, mental and moral sense balance. Per saperne di più
  • Training future astronauts to the space climate - eBook

    Renata Freccero

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    The Universe is full of stars, and each star has at least one planet, the astrophysicists seek water and life in the cosmos. Long periods spent in the cosmos do not have the tempo of life, they are monotonous. The human brain and sensory systems are adapted to the categories of time and space in which they live normally. The philosophical categories of space and time do not exist in the cosmos, they are unique, because contraria sunt complementa. Per saperne di più
  • Visualizzi 33-34 di 34 articoli

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